Time to change Website hosting.

The hosting service,, is out of business due to a hack. And anyway, I am retiring from the Web hosting business. This means that I will transfer to you the authority to pay directly for the hosting. Please go to Godaddy and SIGN UP for an account.

480-463-8390 They may note that your domain name is registered with GoDaddy, so have your Customer # ready with the pin #. If you don't know what these are, it is OK, it only takes longer.

When you get to talk tell them that you want  a hosting account with Godaddy, TELL THEM: you need three things: 1) FTP address 2) username 3) password so we can upload your site content. Also tell them you want SSL activated.

The DNS will need to be changed at the Domain Name registrar (GoDaddy), I will do this as final step, if I have your customer number and PW.

In summary: I will need your

GD Customer account #,

GD call-in PIN #,

the FTP address,

cPanel username,

cPanel password


Typical use of the info: