I can create a sleek and creative Website quickly and once it is online I provide instant service for updates. I specialize in designing webpages that are clear, easy to read and easy to navigate. As a former professional photographer I have thousands of images available to use without going to an agency. One day service available.

Please peruse the images and click on any to go to the site itself. Each has a special feature to consider

Multiple categories each with  two types of show choices controlled by viewer.

Multiple images choices controlled by viewer back to top


Simple and fast prestation of multiple categories with many images

Simple and fast presentation of multiple thumb images linked to slide show of any or all larger images.back to top



Photography presented clean and fast.

Photography presented clean and fast back to top


Commercial real estate with fine photography

Commercial real estate with fine photography back to top

Writer presents stories that read easily.

Writer presents stories that read easily back to top


Engraving company samples with quote form.

Engraving company samples with quote form back to top



linked image titles instead of thumbnals


Image titles are linked to larger image pages and thumbnail, good for lists of art and photos back to top



Since 1997 Designs for Web has been making Websites for photographers, businesses, artists, writers, and filmmakers, using text and images to communicate to a world market.

If you need a new design, redesign or a design implemented,

then I can help make your site look good and communicate choices quickly.

Contact: 503.803.4258 or email

Follow the page links to view sample sites and find out how you can get your site going.

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