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"...and thanks for a clean, solid, fast job."
Karl Saliter Stand Up Circus

"Thanks so much, Ancil! It looks great & you did it all so quickly! Nice touch with the peppers under Contact. You're awesome." Robin

"Ancil worked creatively in developing my ideas for a portfolio-style website. He shows a genuine interest in the work in hand. This complements a no-nonsense approach to getting the work done. I am very pleased with the outcome of our collaboration. The Web design is stylish whilst directing the attention towards the content."

"...such a pleasure to work with, and I couldn't believe how quickly the new website generated sales for me. Thank you for doing such an excellent job!!"
Emily Buchanan Paintings

"Ancil helped me build a site that was professional enough for my clients, but still hip enough to show off to my friends. The amazing part was how quick he was, and unlike other site builders, he actually charges too little! Forget doing it yourself and paying for a site building program- anybody who wants a site taken seriously should use designsforweb."
Gabriel Bellman, Attorney

"Ancil Nance tackled a website overhaul for my business with a great combination of efficient speed, keen marketing consciousness, technical savvy, and a sophisticated sensibility for what is aesthetic and appealing to website visitors. Having worked with many designers, I especially appreciate how well Ancil balanced the duties of making good suggestions and listening to instructions. I heartily recommend Designsforweb for anyone seeking to enhance their presence on the Web."
John Teton, Earthlight Pictures

"I thought the website* was wonderful. The links all worked smoothly and the layout very pleasant. Of course the content was to die for."
*Gerhard's Bicycle Odysseys

"I am receiving a lot of compliments on its ease of use and the clean, professional look of it."
Van Dyke Photography


hey, that's meDesigns for the Web should promote the company, its products and services. My sample pages show several ways to present text and images in a pleasing manner and allow the viewer complete control over the presentation.

A basic site will cost about $500.00. The basic site has an opening page with your name, logo, and navigation links, which are seen at a glance, without extra mouse work.

Several content pages, including text, product photos, company information, and contact information are part of the basic package. More pages, database information, shopping cart setup available at my hourly rate, $120.

My idea of a Web site is a place to get information quickly, without annoying distractions or goofy navigation. Movement, sound, and other attractions make viewers passive. The content should meet the needs of the viewer and the design should not be noticed. Movement on a Web page will slow down reading time and response time. So unless the movement promotes understanding and viewer action it should be eschewed.

Many photographers and artists have opted for automated presentations of their work. Poorly designed presentations take too long to fade the main image into view, while others take a small image and bounce it couple of times before it settles. Annoying. My preference is for a presentation of small images that trigger the immediate presentation of the large version. An example: Bill Naito Company. This site needs no special downloads to view and the images appear at the viewer's choice.

Design should not call more attention to itself than the Web page content that it shows to the world. Keep it clean and simple when possible.

Terms and Conditions will explain what will be needed to get started.